My stupid husband is missing everything

It was our anniversary & his birthday a month ago. My birthday a few days ago. My stim sessions began yesterday. And today is his brother’s birthday. A few months down the line last year we were shopping for his mother’s birthday gift. And now my stupid husband is missing all of this. How are we supposed to celebrate anything without him around?

Everything feels weird.

My sister found an old conversation she was having with him a few years ago. That was the time she was about to get married and was coming down from the US. She sent it to me, and it was as if he was sitting there and saying those things. It happens when I read his old messages too. I can hear him say them. Who knows for how long!

I am terrified of forgetting.

New things are happening without him around. I share his memories on Facebook every day. There is just 8 months left till I can do that. Then there will be no more new memories left to share. He’s missing everything!

Our niece and nephew are growing up. He never even got to see her! Our nephew won’t remember him, he was not even 2 when G left. He’ll never see his own baby! Are these the things people should miss? Yet he is.


He missed my office inauguration, he missed the one year completion of our restaurant, and he’s gonna miss the opening of his beach villa. He missed one of his best friend’s wedding. He’ll miss the 2nd baby in the group. There is so much that needs his presence. And where is he?

We are all used to his habit of being late for everything. But isn’t it better late than never?

I don’t like the never!


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