The baby project: Stim experience

When I went for my first IVF cycle, G took care of my mood swings. He’d goof around and make me laugh, tolerate my tantrums and generally make me feel like something special.

The second time he wasn’t around, but 2 days in the cycle I got admitted, had a surgery and was under pain killers most of the time so I pretty much slept it off. Yes the mood swings and crying spells were there and I did rage against the world at smallest things, but most of it went unnoticed in the bigger surgery aspect.

It’s the third time now. He isn’t there and no other organ is scheduled for removal. It’s just me and the daily routine. And the hormones. Now when I feel like sprawling on the floor and bawling my eyes out, he isn’t there to pick me up and get me a chocolate. Yes, it’s childish. But I want that chocolate. Now when anger fills up all the way inside me, he isn’t there to make me laugh and get it out. Or just drape an arm around me and sit till I stop fuming. The first time I was sick too. I puked a few times. And he was there to hold my hair and hand me water.

Today is my 4th day with the injections and already I can feel the mood swings.


While I was writing this post and crying my eyes out a friend dropped in. She brought bags of groceries, lots of hugs, and conversation. Then she cooked me an awesome lunch – dal, rice, Assamese style stir fried leaves, tomato chutney and orange & carrot salad. And she drove 45kms to do that – on a Saturday! Le mood has shifted on the positive side 🙂 and the world is a better place already. Thank you S!

So no more cribbing. I am off to eat my feast!


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