Stuff and nonsense

For all that upset over yesterday’s news I thought I was managing today pretty well. I decided not to go to office – didn’t really feel like dealing with people – worked from home and did catch up on some stuff. Made my meals, ate them, watched some TV, but pretty much worked.

A friend and I had planned walk in the evening, but I didn’t feel up to it, so skipped meeting her. Someone else wanted to come over, but I politely refused that too, and the same thing happened to most phone calls. I just wanted to be alone. Not the best idea perhaps, but that’s just what I felt like.

I’m weird that way – not comfortable with silences when there is company. So if there are people I have to talk. And I didn’t feel up to talking today. So I took the easier route of not having people around.

I was bugged, but I was managing. Till something happened in the evening. I decided to take one call from a friend, and what he said just ruined the day for me. I can’t repeat the conversation here because some things are best left unsaid, but his advise to take it in the right spirit didn’t work.

So I’m basically a mess now, fuming over nothing perhaps. All those tears I was keeping inside in my attempts to be cheerful just fell out. And so this blog, an attempt at word therapy. Just to get things off my chest and perhaps get some sleep. But I know that’s not happening for sure!

Why must life be so complicated?


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