Remembering G: The sweet tooth

G was crazy about sweets. After every meal he wanted something sweet – even if it was just chocolate. And if you happened to have gulabjamuns or anjeer barfi he was ecstatic. I had always gravitated towards the savory, until he converted me that is. He’ll happily bring boxes of sweets almost everyday and much on them tempting you to take a bit too. The bites became entire pieces and sometimes boxes that both of us would wipe off.

My mother would pack kilos of chamcham whenever she came to see us. No one except him was allowed to eat it. He loved bombay halwa and anything to do with figs. If nothing mango or coconut ice-cream was a savior. He detested chocolate desserts though and could only eat the bars – there to the preference being fruit and nut by Cadbury’s and snickers. Every time we went grocery shopping he’s stock up on them!

I learnt to make 2 minute microwave puddings and cakes to have a quick fix for his sweet cravings. I baked pies and cookies and cakes and brownies and he ate it all with relish. Even a simple caramelized bread toast was celebrated – and just adding a banana and some syrup on it was considered heights of bliss. I’d make halwa, and shrikhand and aamras, and he’ll lap them up.

It was beautiful to see him eat. He enjoyed every mouthful.

I remember the first time I made an apple pie and how he demolished it. I’ve been wanting to make one again, even got all the ingredients and then somehow just didn’t make it. It’s just no fun to cook when he isn’t there to eat. It sucks to cook for one.

I think he’s left me his sweet tooth though. I get cravings these days. Just the day before I left office and walked around to find some motichoor laddoos. And while I was at it I bought some brownies and a mud pie too! Been munching on them after every meal, just like he did. And I am supposed to be off sugar!

Can I be dramatic and say no matter how many sweetmeats I eat life isn’t sweet without him?

Can I bribe you with an anjeer barfi baby? Will you come back for a bite?


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