Remembering G: Not a fairytale – Part 1

I’ve said it many times before I guess – G&I were not perfect. We did not have a fairytale story. We were normal people supposed to live our daily lives and grow old together – sometimes bickering and sometimes caring for each other. Our relationship of 15 years was to say the least – turbulent. But throughout – no matter how much we fought – there was a feeling that the other person will be there forever. Wherever life goes, we would be able to call to each other for help, support and love. For a large part of our years together, we didn’t even know if we would end up getting married.

Well it was expected – we met when we were just kids. We had to grow up, we had to see the world, and we had to know if we fit in it together.

In fact how G&I got to dating each other is itself a complicated story – one that gave me peptic ulcers!!! In first year of college G&I became the best of friends. We were 18, and bursting with the need to experiment on the opposite sex. India didn’t – and still doesn’t have that openness about sex. So who could we trust? Someone who wouldn’t kiss and tell? And obviously we settled for each other. After all, we were friends first. And so we had our first kiss and later could be found necking in all corners of Bangalore. But we adamantly stuck to the point that we are not dating each other and are just ‘Friends with Benefits’. I even asked him once “what if I fall in love with you”. And he said “Don’t be silly”. That was the end of relationship discussions.

Meanwhile, there was a guy in college who was interested and my whole friends group including G was conspiring to get us together. I don’t know what G was thinking! Anyway, I finally did date this guy and we broke up in a record 3 weeks because guess what – I compared everything to G and how he would have done. And G also realized, that if I date other people I don’t have much time for ‘Friends with Benefits’ and that I might be up to stuff with the boyfriend. He didn’t like the idea. And so now, he wanted me to break up. Which I did, but I was pissed by that time. I mean how idiotic can we be! So anyway, I was pissed with both the boys and didn’t want to do anything with them, and I started dating someone else who was no where in the picture earlier. It didn’t go on long – a few weeks I guess – because by then I had succumbed to the ulcers and had to go home.

When I was ill G really took care of me. I stayed at his house. He kept me entertained and tried to lessen the pain as much as he could. But by this time he was pissed with me because even after knowing he wanted to be with me I didn’t choose him. So we were a pair of angry geese who loved each other, but just didn’t know where to go with it.

Anyway, I was the one who proposed to him then, on 16th Feb 2002 and we were finally an official couple.

Such turbulent beginnings don’t bode well for smooth sailing, and it wasn’t. It was maddening, passionate, emotional, and a complete adventure.

That’s it for now, later I’ll tell you how I almost got married to someone else. Lot’s of juicy stuff in there. Just hang on for the ride 🙂

P.S – I love you, you jackass!


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