Remembering G: Not a fairytale – Part 2

I told you how G & I got together and started on a rough note. Then something that wasn’t in our control almost broke us apart. It was an interesting twist in the story, and something neither of us expected.

Someone I had grown up playing with – a relative of my aunt (let’s call him A) – proposed to me. When he knew that G&I were together and had plans to marry each other. We were in our last year of engineering and were going to tell our parents about it. I had intended to say no – politely. While I was figuring out a way to do that – he’d been a very good friend of mine – I found out that my mom also wants me to marry A since he was from our community, already settled in the US with a cushy job. See how things are getting complicated.

Love marriage in my community or even G’s wasn’t an easy things to do. We were brought up to the concept of an arranged marriage. People married the partners their parents chose for them. In my case, there was an additional glitch – my parents were divorced – so that didn’t make me a desirable candidate for an arranged marriage. Understandable then that my mom was ecstatic when A proposed. She didn’t really care to see me married to G – it was a different culture, language, state and position.  G & I were both students with no means to support ourselves. No, this story did not make sense to her. For G’s parent’s too the concept of an inter-religion, inter-culture marriage didn’t make sense.

So the conflict dragged on, with mom and a few other relatives pushing me to accept A’s proposal and me struggling to find a way out of it. G was a part of all these conversations – perhaps in hindsight that wasn’t a good idea. And somewhere down the line he felt cheated that I didn’t say a blunt no. I was in my early 20’s. I was stupid. So was he. We made a mess of things. I finally said no to A’s proposal, but maybe it was too late. It cost me a good friend (A) and it strained my relationship with G.

There were other things happening at the same time. G had started working part time and I felt he didn’t have enough time for me. He had a set of new friends too and a lot of time went there. So our equation was a bit unbalanced. And this whole marry-someone-else thingy wasn’t helping.

Our time together was coming to an end. College was over. I was planning to go do my MBA, G was thinking of doing his own business. Once we go our separate ways, we were sure we wouldn’t meet again. But then destiny intervened and sealed our fate. That’s an interesting story too…


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