Destined to be together – if only for a moment

It’s 6 months today, but seems like only yesterday. Got talking to a friend yesterday about last rites, there is one where the body is washed. Didn’t happen for G, and when I said that my friend misunderstood it as cultural differences. It wasn’t. It was the postmortem. Because he was cut up, and wrapped in a blue polyethene covered with a white cloth, we couldn’t unwrap him. So he went as is on the pyre. Legalities triumphing over cultural sensitivities. So since then images of the last day have been running around in my head and just seems so unfair that one doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

For the last few posts, i’ve been talking about the downs we went through together. Some of you might be wondering why have I gone off on this negative note? Why am I washing my dirty linen in public? Why am I talking abut the not so sweet details of our story? It’s because I want to highlight that it wasn’t a fairytale. And that a story needn’t be a fairytale to be interesting. Ours was an adventure, and we were happy with it. I am sure I wouldn’t be happy with a sickly sweet existence, and neither would he. We needed the salt and the sour and sometimes the bitter. We needed a medley of tastes and we dealt with the consequences. We stayed together. No matter how many times we thought the thread will break, It always pulled us back together. And it broke when we least expected it to. When we were finally settled, and had taken major decisions together. When we finally had it sorted.

I believe destiny had a strong role to play in our story. When things were going downhill, and it felt like these are our last days together a twist of fate brought us back together. Just as engineering education was coming to an end and I had already applied for MBA courses, G decided to apply too. We both didn’t really study for the exams though and didn’t have high hopes of getting anywhere. So we were surprised when we ended up with decent enough grades to apply for some colleges – not really the top ones, but good in their own right. G only applied for one college, he only had time to make that deadline while I applied for a few.The selection process for MBA went in this order – written exam, group discussion, interview, selection.

As luck would have it we got called for a group discussion (GD) to the one college we had both applied to together. Now I am terrible at GDs – I have a history of mom yelling at me to keep my voice down and so now I can’t raise it. And to top it, my voice doesn’t carry. The fact that I hate multiple people talking at the same time didn’t help either. In a nutshell, I was programmed to fail at GDs. Now here is another twist, we were slotted as a part of the same group of 14 people who’d be discussing a topic. We went inside the room and sat opposite each other. G was super good at GDs. So he had a fair chance and I was reading it.

Now G & I held opposing views on almost everything. So the discussion started – it was a for and against kind of thing. I chose to speak against and he chose to speak for. We – at least I – forgot that there were other people in the room. It was as if we were just fighting with each other – a normal routine thing. We dominated the discussion, remembered there were other people in the room sometimes and gave them a chance to say a point or so and got back to our fighting. We were the only 2 people chosen for an interview from that group! How much we laughed about it later!

Then interviews happened, but in the final list of selections my name was there but not his. G was very upset. That didn’t stop him from coming all the way to Jaipur from Bangalore and then taking me to Mumbai to complete my admission formalities, but he was pissed. In his head it really meant that we were going our own ways now. And it was highly possible.

Then fate intervened again. G got a call from the college authorities, some people hadn’t joined and there were still some vacancies and G’s name was on the waiting list. First he didn’t believe it, thinking someone is playing a prank on him. He almost ticked off the college admin! But G was a charmer – so once he figured that it’s not a joke, he managed to call and sort things out with the admin. He was asked to deposit the fee the same day and again as luck would have it, his father was in Mumbai that day with some cash. So he rushed and deposited the fee and G landed up with me in the same class!

That’s when we knew that we’ll be together, no matter what happens, something will keep us together.

If only we knew that it’s just a short time!


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