Remembering G: Not a fairytale part 3

I saw him when I opened my eyes today morning. He was sleeping next to me, straight, I saw his face, I saw his hair – back to the short style, not nearly enough for the ponytail he had in the end. I heard him breathing. I just like that he was gone!


Mumbai was where the worst part of our lives played out. It started out with ignorance, led to unfounded suspicion and jealousy and turned in to a full fledged slug fest. We survived a flood in Mumbai but drifted apart. The first thing that happened when we moved to Mumbai was that we decided to live apart – did I mention we were living together towards the end of our college days?

So I moved in with 3 other girls as roomies and he found a flat with some guys. We still went to the same class, mostly hung about together the whole day, so things were going ok. But whether we had in inkling of it at that time or not, by the time we left MBA we weren’t going to be together.

In the placements season, he had 2 companies, both coveted, fighting over him. And I got in to an IT company I didn’t want to. He was headed to Bangalore, I was going off to Hyderabad. We had unresolved differences and we considered it over. It was 2007. We were 25. We had our whole lives ahead of us.

I went home to Jaipur, after our final exams. He headed back to Bangalore. I was in a bad shape that time, so he came back to meet me. To try and sort things out. To help me do whatever I wanted to whether it was in his interest or not. That’s when you know someone truly loves you. But I think we’d both had enough. We loved each other, but just couldn’t stay in a relationship. So he went back to his work and I to mine.

Things were also bad for me because my joining date kept getting delayed, so I was basically sitting idle at home, with nothing to do, just thinking useless thoughts. I lost a lot of weight, permed my hair that reached my hip, and overall just looked like an underprivileged person. That’s how I finally went to Hyderabad.

Once work started, things were much better. G&I even connected back, but as friends. He didn’t ask me what I was up to in terms of relationships. I didn’t ask him. While he was training in Mumbai a mutual friend told me he’s been seen around with a girl. I didn’t want to know. And neither he, nor I knew who the other is seeing in that period of approx. 2 years. We never asked and we never volunteered information. And I think that’s what both of us wanted.

It’s actually strange that we got back together again, considering I almost got married to someone else!


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