The baby project: Another glitch

I think life has decided that it’ll make everything as difficult as possible for me. How can something be done easily, without hassles, and the way I would want it to be. And then people say don’t stress! How can I not?

I had finally decided to change my original plan and go for an Embryo Transfer this time. Now I can’t seem to find a solution to ship G’s sperm sample to the Mumbai hospital. The shipping agency they connected me to doesn’t have the container needed to transport the cryopreserved material. They say the hospital provides the container. The hospital here in Bangalore says that they don’t have the required container and the one they have can only preserve the material for 3-4 hours. To ship I need it to hold for at least 24 hours and also not leak fumes for it to clear the cargo. So there are special dry shipping containers that come for this purpose.

I even checked with a lot of other shipping agencies – no luck. FedEx doesn’t do individual shipments. I even thought of buying a container myself, but it’ll never get here in time!

Now the shipper doesn’t have it, the hospital in Bangalore doesn’t have it, and now my only hope is the Mumbai hospital. If they don’t have this container, then I don’t know what I am going to do! And I leave for Mumbai day after tomorrow to start the next cycle, so I won’t be here to do any documentation etc. What a mess!

So pissed off right now! Augghhhhhh…..

Can ONE thing be easy please. Like ONE….


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