Remembering G – That trip to Coorg

I don’t know why the thought of this trip to Coorg popped in my head today. We’d been to Coorg many times, it’s a popular weekend destination from Bangalore. So in 2011 we headed there for a break. It was a long weekend in August – 15th August being a national holiday. It was a last minute trip, so we hadn’t done any bookings. Long weekend meant everything would be full. We still went along, thinking we’ll get something at least – perhaps a homestay. G checked with some people he knew and they said they’ll manage a place for us.

We reached Coorg and the place the agent showed us didn’t really go down well with us. Every decent place was full. So we decided to stay a bit outside of Coorg. We headed back and managed to find a decent room in a small resort. It had every basic amenity and the best part – it was right across the road from an awesome resort (that’s me at that resort) where we could eat and go for spa treatments etc. And we did – we hogged and got massages. G wasn’t very fond of massages by then. He kept swatting away the guy who was working on him and refused to let him even get to his upper thigh. It was hilarious.

So, I happily settled in, but G thought it wasn’t a nice enough place for us. We’d just come back from a stay at The Atlantis, Dubai, and I teased him that he was looking for a similar ambiance in Coorg. Anyway, after one night he decided it was time for us to move to a better place. So he arranged a stay at a coffee estate where it was just going to be the 2 of us. What he forgot to mention was that this meant no help at hand!

Anyway, the end result was that we paid double the rent for less than half the amenities. We ended up too far away from town to go anywhere. It was too wet to tour the coffee estate. So we spent the remaining time in Coorg watching Avatar on TV on scratchy sheets! It was fun 🙂

Two days was enough for us and we headed back on the morning of the 15th. On the way, hit by a burst of patriotism we stopped to buy a flag. He went to one of the roadside shops and ran out with one. The last trip that I made on the same route, I saw him running out again. The flag waving, ready to be put on our car.

I miss those days G. I miss those trips. I miss the spontaneity. I miss us.

Yesterday when the counselor asked me to bring you in a room inside my head and talk to you, all I could think of saying was “Come Back.” I don’t think I have any words to say goodbye. I have no words to bring me closure. I think it’ll take a mini you to make that happen in some sense.

Did I tell you I saw him in one of the visions I keep having now a days? A little version of you :). And I can’t wait to see him for real!


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