The best laid plans…

So finally it was decided – this cycle is just not good enough to take the risk of unfreezing the sperm sample. So I have to do another cycle. But before that I have to take a break. Apparently I am not responding to the medication because of stress – and that’s not letting the follicles grow even with double the dose of medication.

Obviously I didn’t take the news well. I don’t know if I can go through another cycle. Staying away from home isn’t easy and that too with hormones running amok in your body. Still, what has to be done has to be done. So I am off meds for 3 months now. The plan is to exercise, eat well, meditate, try and sleep better, and stay away from alcohol. Hopefully that’ll repair stuff and I shall be the egg laying golden goose again.

Today is my day off too. I got my trigger last night. The retrieval is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Keeping fingers crossed. Will then make plans to head home.

Before I started this post I had so much to write. Now words seem to have eluded me. I wanted to write about some dreams I had and visions. Now all I can see is a blank. Maybe I really just should take the day off.

Till later then, when I find out the retrieval results.


4 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. We can’t help but stress about things. It’s our human nature. Especially if it’s something that we want so badly. Maybe if you can just let it be. Like just give it to God and let him deal with it. I know it’s easier said than done. But the first time I went for my IVF treatment I was so stressed out that they couldn’t even do the procedure because they found I had cysts all over that had to be removed. I was so bummed out. I had all my hopes go down the drain. I had to wait for the next cycle. It was a killer that’s for sure. And so I decided you know if it’s my destiny then it will happen. I didn’t even tell anyone the second time around. I was stress free, kind of…and it worked. Just have faith.

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