Is there no one with you?

The last few days my posts have been hurried. I wasn’t at home, and didn’t get enough time to write them. Spent 25th Feb mostly sleeping, enjoying the break from the daily drug routine. On 26th I was due for the egg retrieval.

So Friday morning around 8:30 I landed up at the hospital. I had already called my doctor and told her that i’ll be coming alone. Completed the admission formalities and went to my allotted room. The procedure would not happen before 11:00 in any case so I got in bed and slept off. To be honest, I was a bit scared. I didn’t like being there alone, but sometimes we have no choice.

I asked the nurse for a room key to lock up when I go for the procedure. There would be no one watching my belongings and I had a significant bit of cash to pay my bills. Around 11:30 they came for me and I was ushered to the clinic for a scan and then asked to change in to the surgical gown.

As I sat waiting, one of the staff came to put in the IV. I hate IVs. My veins are small and putting in an IV line is always painful. Some of them do it really well, but this one wasn’t one of them. It hurt like hell and afterwards I felt dizzy, nauseated, and clammy. The gown was feeling super hot and I asked to be moved under a fan somewhere. Didn’t help much and just as I though I’m going to heave the called me in the OT.

The anesthetist was brilliant though. She was nice, chirpy and made me do some breathing exercises that calmed me immediately. That the OT was air conditioned helped too. They settled me on the table and in two minutes I was out. When I woke up, I was in the recovery room and they’d be rolling me back to my bed in a bit.

I remembered sobbing, I remember someone asking me if there was anyone with me, I remember saying I miss G. And then I was in my room. I couldn’t breathe very well so they kept me on oxygen for an extra 2 hours. I was more conscious of my surroundings by around 2:30pm and by 3 they brought me my lunch. The doctor came in around 3 too and I found out they were able to freeze 8 eggs. They had retrieved 9, but only 8 were mature. So my tally is now 19. Eleven short of 30, the number we had decided on.

Before starting the procedure I’d been careful enough to give some instructions and that helped a lot:

  1. I wanted khichdi for lunch
  2. I needed the phone to call for help closer to my bed
  3. I wanted a nurse to check in every 10-15 minutes to see if I needed anything
  4. I needed painkillers so I don’t wake up hurting
  5. I needed help in getting discharged from the place

So things went smoothly. Except the occasional “Is there no one with you”, nothing bothered me. My doctor arranged for one of her staff to help me check out and he ran around to do all the paperwork and pay bills. He even took my bag downstairs and got me a cab.

I was at my cousin’s place by 5:00pm.

And so ended the stay at Mumbai. Am back home now – for 3 months of rest and relaxation before I attempt this again.

It better work!



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