Getting a taste of baby sitting

My sis lent me her baby for experimentation. Now I know what it’s gonna be like when I have mine. Though I can only pray that G’s baby is anywhere near as angelic as this one is. At 4 months, this little mouse is a study in peaceful existence. She eats, poops, sleeps and while awake makes little cooing noises. No tantrums, no crying fits; yet. And when she wakes up, she gives you this perfect smile :). She plays with just one toy and is blissfully happy eating it as it shrilly plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I might have said a zillion times that I want to be a baby again!

Still it’s tiring; because whether they want it or not, you want to give babies your entire attention. And so yesterday I slept like a log. The minute her mom came back I was like “here, take your baby, I need a nap”.

She’s only here a few days and I know when she goes I’m gonna miss her :(. But at least I know it’s doable – that’s a relief! I managed to give her a bath, change diapers, give her the bottle and put her to sleep. That’s pretty much the checklist right? So all good, all systems go.

Now if only my systems work like they should!


3 thoughts on “Getting a taste of baby sitting

  1. I hope it works out like that, but my own experience was that my sons were like that only sometimes. There were times when they just cried and cried even though they’d been feed, changed and so on. It’s all just part of the fun. 🙂

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