And the tears are back…

I think I spoke too soon when I said that my niece was keeping me occupied and not giving me any time to think. Sometimes things happen that bug you without you having to brood over them. And that happened today.

A friend of mine who was also G’s partner in our restaurant called up. There were 5 partners who had invested in the place and G also had an additional stake as managing partner. After his death, we gave away the management to an external party since the partners were not able to take over day to day running. However, we retained ownership – the 4 partners and me as G’s legal heir.

However, I was distraught, this was a dream G & I had built together and less than a year of it’s beginning he was gone. I couldn’t bear to think about it. But the restaurant needed running and decisions. So G’s brother stepped in to help. He was the one who found the external party that’s keeping the place running till date. I took a step back because I needed to de-stress for the baby and said I’m okay with the decisions his brother and the partners take. After all, they came together when G & I planned the restaurant, so now that he wasn’t there to run it, they had to decide what best suited their interests in the aftermath of this unforeseen event. When we had done a risk analysis, no one counted in anyone dying!

So for the last few months conversations have been going on about what to do with the place, though I have not been a part of them. I do know half the partners want to exit and the other half wants to run the place. That leaves me – the legal heir. And the call today was very upsetting. Apparently they want to remove me as a partner! For what? I don’t know. But I’m shattered to know that they’d even think about it, let alone say it. And that too to me when I’ve made G’s brother my spokesperson and said that anything he says is my decision too! And he didn’t even know about this.

I didn’t expect this. At all. Especially because we closely knew everyone in the partnership. But leave aside those reasons. Just hearing that they would say I may not be a part of this was enough – I was hyperventilating. After the call I dialed G’s brother, and I was already sobbing before he picked up. I think it was anger that brought on these tears. Not sure though.

Anyway, he said to not worry and that he’ll take care of it. And I know he will. I just wish people would give me at least an year to be able to make any rational decisions. Till then why can’t I be left alone??? I must have said it a thousand times that I at present cannot talk about our restaurant, it’s just too difficult. And just because I cannot have a conversation doesn’t mean I have to be excluded. I’ve put in more sweat, blood, tears in that place than anyone else (that’s not counting G of course). I have stood in that kitchen till my feet swelled up, even cooking up dishes when the staff ran short. I’ve shouted service requests till my voice ran hoarse, I have manned the till and handled difficult customers. I have swept the floors, wiped the tables and cleaned the loos. How can I not be a part of it?

And even when we were killing ourselves running orders we didn’t bother our investing partners to come and help; because they were busy doing other things and didn’t have the bandwidth to run the place. And now that I need some time off from running it (after arranging for running management), for circumstances beyond my control, when I am struggling to just keep my sanity, they want me out?

I think I am beyond disgusted that this would even come up! And that they would say it to my face!


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