Remembering G: The madcap

G was crazy! He did things some of us only dare to think of. Completely nuts. It helped that he was forgetful, so he didn’t remember the aftereffects of his doings and that probably helped him continue the madness.

I met a friend in Mumbai who was G’s roommate while we were in college and he told me a crazy story. Some people from college had gone to Lonavala – a hill station near Mumbai for a picnic. I can’t remember if I was on the same trip but I definitely wasn’t there when this incident happened. Lonavala has some neat waterfalls and a bunch of guys decided to climb up and soak in a pool at the top of the waterfall. So up they went and settled down comfortably in the natural jacuzzi. And the next thing you know, G is standing at the edge of the waterfall, buck naked, howling with laughter, and peeing at the world below! Nuts!┬áBut as the friend told me this I could so visualize G. This was exactly the kind of thing G was capable of!

And then there are things that he’s done that’ve led to much embarrassment on my part. India isn’t that comfortable with sex – no one talks about it. As far as your parents are concerned you do it after you get married, in the confines of your room, for the purpose of making babies. Of course there are many who take a much liberal view of it, but majority falls in the category described above. So, living together wasn’t a very acceptable thing and we tried to hide it the best we could from our parents. And we perhaps did it pretty well too, at least till the time I was leaving Bangalore after engineering to go back to Jaipur – 2005.

When I left, G helped me pack and get rid of stuff I didn’t want. The stuff I discarded included some small pieces of furniture, few course books, and a bag full of lingerie that I couldn’t take home. Good girls didn’t wear stuff like that and I didn’t want to take it home where my mom could possibly come across it – we didn’t have much space in my house. So I packed it all in one bag and told G to get rid of it – just throw it somewhere really. The books and furniture he was going to give away to people who needed them.

That settled it – at least I thought so – and I left for Jaipur. Guess what? I came across that bag of lingerie in 2010 – when my prospective mother in law took out each item and held it open for me to look at. That goofball had forgotten to throw it away! And instead put it in the box of BOOKS that he was supposed to give away. He brought the box home and gave it to his MOM! And there it stayed – for 5 years – waiting for me to come back and be embarrassed.

I’d come for a visit in early 2010, to settle some arrangements before the wedding. And that’s when his mom took out this stuff. She really took out each and ever piece asking me if it belonged to me. And I, red faced, vehemently denied it. She said but this came out of your books. And I said I don’t know, I gave the books to G, ask HIM where the stuff came from. I don’t wear anything this ridiculous. And that guy was laughing away. Like rolling with laughter at my predicament. Bugger! I couldn’t run away fast enough.

Our lives were peppered with these stories. We were nuts! Who do I be crazy with now?


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