10,000 meals and a hammer in the eye

This day last year G & I were packing 10,000 meals for the underprivileged. Our restaurant had opened a few months ago and we wanted to do something good through it. So we had been raising funds and gathering volunteers to help us pack these meals and get them to Stop Hunger Now – an organization that runs continuous nutrition programs for the needy.

The event was a great success. Eighty people turned up where we were expecting 30 and the place was full. We packed the meals in record time and then were treated by a musical evening by Swarathma – an indie folk band. All of us were super happy at having done this, and G gave all the credit to me. Which wasn’t really true – he did his bit too and all the people who donated their time and money.

Even so, the pic above was the funny moment of the day. So G was running around, filling meal packs, talking to people, cheering them on, and then he decided to ring the gong that we were striking at every 1000 meals. So he marches over to where the gong is, picks it up – it was the kind where you use a hammer to strike a brass plate – and gets ready to strike the hammer. His hand moves, the hammer rebounds, and strikes him bam in the eye! I’m sure it was really painful, but it was hilarious too! In the pic I am holding a chilled coke to his eye for want of an icepack and laughing uncontrollably. We teased him that the only real thing he did was to entertain everyone.

Fun days, good memories 🙂

Missing you G!


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