Another mishap

It seems that a higher power in this universe finds it amusing to send me chasing after medical care. Since G died, i’ve spent most of my time in hospitals dealing with something or the other. And when it looked as if I might get a break from this routine for a few months I landed up in a clinic again.

This time for a wrist injury that happened for the stupidest of reasons – getting up from the bed after a nap!!! I attribute it to old age and rusty joints. Whatever the case, my left hand is out of commission for a week to 10 days. And I have to go for physiotherapy EVERY DAY! And keep my hand stationary – no typing, no driving, no using the hand basically and keeping it braced (so I’ve resorted to 1 finger typing which is super annoying btw). If after all this too it doesn’t heal the doc is going to give me a shot in the wrist to fix it. Yes, that’s just what I needed, more needles, as if I haven’t had enough already!

Not being able to use my hand is quite annoying really. When you are by yourself even basic things like wearing clothes, filling a water bottle, opening doors become difficult. UI actually realized how much I do use my left hand normally! And so, I’ve been in an obnoxious mood. Injury just highlights my dependencies even more.

Last year I’d accidentally sliced open my right forearm while getting out of our main door. It needed 6 stitches and was bandaged up for a while. But that time G was there and so everything was taken care of. I didn’t feel a bit helpless. This time it’s different… and not nice.

Waiting for this to pass too… is there anything left to bug me with?


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