If we were having coffee…

…I’d tell you to savor every moment. It might sound like cliched advice, but that’s the only truth in life. We have but a few moments here, doesn’t it make sense to enjoy them while they last? Who knows when the bubble will burst and those whom we love would be taken away? Who knows when the moments that are sweet will turn to dust? Who knows how long are we given to make a difference to the people we love. So I’d tell you – wake up and smell the coffee.

In the last few months I’ve learnt how important people are – and the time you spend with them. When I look back now, at the years I wasted trying to work myself up to the top, I feel cheated. I could have used that time so well. I could have done so much. That time was for G&I, and it was wasted in efforts to make money for some big corporations. Such a terrible, terrible waste. And I’m never getting that time back again. I am not getting any more of it either, because G is gone. There will never be us again. And so many things that we were yet to do are forever lost. It struck me the other day that I didn’t know what his favorite color was. I knew him for 15 years, but I don’t know that. And it hurts. Tomorrow, when his baby would want to know things about his dad – there are chances I might not know them. Fifteen years to be oblivious!

You might scoff and say money is important. It is, you need it to live, like it or not. But how much money is enough money. Is a fancy car more important or the person you share the ride with. Is expensive furniture more important than the person sharing your bed? When do we stop a mindless pursuit of money and start living instead? When do we say no to work, and just relax with family and friends? When will we realize that enough is enough?

When I die, no one will remember how much money I made, they will remember the moments I spent with them. Memories are the legacy we all leave behind – so if we were having coffee, i’d tell you to invest time in making good memories.


7 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. Well said. I sometimes feel so “lazy” for reworking my life in a more relaxed way, outside of corporate America, when the pressure here is to live for your employer, to come in early and stay late, lest be considered a slacker.

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  2. So true. I just asked my husband what his favorite food is. It is places that we ate at through the years, not just one food. We have been married 19 years today and his favorite color changes all the time. So maybe your husband didn’t have just one favorite color.

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  3. Money is important in my life for keeping a roof over my head and a meal on the table. Once those basic needs are taken care of, though, I don’t care too much about it. My time and how I spend it is of far greater importance to me than making a ton of money.


  4. I have not worked since I lost my wife – and have no desire to at the moment. People think that I will get back to it when I feel better. It is much more than that – as you write here. Favorite colors changed for my wife depending on mood – her favorite was whatever fit the moment. If you are like me – you are desperately trying anything to add color to a bleak world. The colors will come, please don’t beat yourself up too bad. Sending you warm thoughts.


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