Moments I miss

Moments when we were young and so much in love. Moments when we were crazy. Moments we bubbled with passion…

I miss the little outhouse that was our first home together. I miss cooking for you, selecting what you’ll wear, and where we will go. I miss holding you tight on that bike and the hand in your lap in the car.

I miss the way your head drooped on my shoulder on our travels together. I miss how you cribbed about my need to always drive. I miss the pit stops in the rain. I miss that last day we had on the road in a shack, where I declined the tea and you loved the eggs.

I miss the excitement on your face for things you were passionate about. I miss how you cared for your friends and family. I miss how you pestered everyone to give you a head massage and me to color your hair. I miss how you complained about me getting even a drop of color on your forehead and how you wanted it done just a certain way. I miss how I never listened to you and yet you acquiesced to my dictates.

I miss how you came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around your waist and water drops still glistening on your body. I miss how you’d use all towels in the house and leave them all over the place. I miss our bickering over laundry and chores. I miss the smell of your aftershave. I miss the smell of you. I miss the hugs and the cuddles. I miss YOU!



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