Cookies anyone?

After a long while I had a restful sleep last night – not dreamless, but I woke up not feeling like shit. And I thought I’ll make it my day – give myself some pampering that I deserve. So I booked a home spa appointment and go a mani-pedi and a head massage. That done and a cool shower later I poured a glass of a very nice wine that a friend had brought over and read it with some Dostoevsky. Then – slightly tipsy – I baked a batch of oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. And these were the best cookies I ever ate, even if I say to myself. Here is the recipe and the only change I made was to use Demerara sugar instead of the palm sugar.

That’s when things went downhill.

G had a sweet tooth you see. So anything I baked, there wasn’t a morsel left. Very rarely was I able to take anything for my colleagues or save for friends coming home. And today I have a boxful of cookies lying around with no one to eat them – except me. I tried my neighbors, a friend who lives close by, but being Saturday no one was around. And the box just sits there.

I went for a walk to just get my mind off this. It wasn’t such a big deal anyways, perhaps the wine was making me more morose? But Bangalore is smoldering and the heat just got to my head. I am not a summer person. G said that my thermostat is broken, I get hot in summers and chilled in winters. So he balanced my temperature too 🙂 – not much chance of that happening right now.

Am I on a pity trip? God I sound whiny even to myself! I guess I’m going to take that challenge and finish the cookie box myself. Who cares about a few more pounds!

Before I go, stumbled on this gem of a line today…

Dreams can be such dangerous things; they smolder on like a fire does, and sometimes consume us completely. – Memoirs of a Geisha



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