Remembering G: The cheekiness

I wore a saree to work today. The accompanying blouse buttoned at the back and I struggled for a while to hook it up. And that reminded me of the first few days of our marriage. The house was full of relatives as post-wedding ceremonies and puja’s were still going on. His brother got married the day after we did so that night we went over to a friend’s place to stay. The next day was a big puja and we were supposed to dress early and come back home for the ceremony.

Now I’m pretty good at draping a saree; had been doing it for many years already as I loved to wear it. But his family didn’t know it. So most of them were worried if i’ll be in any sort of shape when I turn up. So when I entered in a perfectly tied saree with him looking dapper right behind me his aunts started ribbing him. They asked if he’s helped me tie the saree, and how many times he had to un-tie it and so on till everyone was having a good laugh at my expense. And then G, the cheeky bugger that he was says “She tied the saree herself”, and I look at him gratefully, before turning red as he went on saying “I just helped her with the blouse”!

If you’ve ever worn a saree, you’ll know that helping someone wear a blouse is a very intimate thing. And there he was making it a repartee with his aunts no less!

Sigh! I miss those days 🙂



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