How many battles can one fight?

Everything is a fight, a battle that began with his lastย breath, without me even being aware of it. I was at home, having a meal, planning the next day, breathing, while he lay cold in a hospital bed. That day my world crashed around me, and all attempts to rebuild it are proving futile.

I don’t know how to do things without him. He was my sounding board, he was the optimist who thought anything can work no matter how bad the situation. Without him, I am scared. There is always ‘what if’ hanging over my head and I am taking the road with the least risks. When he was around, I could jump from cliffs knowing he’ll make sure I land okay. Now I tip-toe worries about loose stones that could trip me.

Not that it’s helping. I’m still struggling with everyday things – things that break, malfunction, or cease to exist. I am struggling with constant physical pain that doesn’t go away and makes everything that much more difficult to answer. I am struggling with this difficulty that I have in breathing; the moments that make me run away and hide.

I’m not good with uncertainty and right now nothing is certain. Will I be able to have his baby? Will I have enough money to pay my rent? Will I every learn to live without him? Will I turn into this angry, bitter person who just snaps at the world because they have what she couldn’t?

I’m already tired of fighting everything, this daily struggle of maintaining sanity. I think it’s time to get some peace. Perhaps that counsellor was right.


7 thoughts on “How many battles can one fight?

  1. You won’t turn into an angry, bitter person because we won’t let you!

    I wish I could say something profound right now, but I’ve got nothing! I’m having a week that’s about to send me over the edge! Let’s just keep taking baby steps and let’s keep reminding each other to do so. Huge hugs xxx

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s such a nice thing to say!!! Thank you!

      Sorry about your week though :(… All I can say is we are in the same boat. Baby steps is the answer I guess, or massages. I went and got one yesterday and slept like a baby after a long time. Feeling better today. Try it?


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