It’s a lot of work

Ok, so pups are a lot of work. I’ve spent the whole weekend running behind Hash trying to make him understand where he can pee and where he can’t. No progress. On top of it, I have no backyard, so I’ve dedicated one bathroom to him as his space. His water bowl is there. Instead of drinking from it, he jumps in it and spreads water all around! And then walks wet all over the house. Sigh.. I HAD a clean house. Now it’s just a mess.

And I am super tired. He wants to play at 3 am, 4am, wakes up intermittently all night and sleeps most of the day. Doesn’t help that it’s boiling hot here in Bangalore with humidity soaring as well. Just waiting for some rain to give a bit of respite from the heat.

One good thing in all this is that I am exhausted. So much that my eyes are droopy, my feet hurt, and I just want to collapse. Why is this good? It’s because I have no time to brood over G. This is what I expected will happen when my baby comes, and Hash is doing the same thing. Except that babies don’t bite!

I have thought over what his reaction would have been, and how he’s have played with Hash; and shed a few tears, but that’s about it. Someone even passed a stupid comment recently and while it stung that time, I am too tired to even remember it now.

I remember when G & I met, he didn’t like dogs and I had no opinion about them whatsoever. Once when we were headed out on a date on G’s bike, a dog came running crossing the road. G was spooked and the bike skidded taking us both down. No one was hurt though, not even a scratch. Later he developed a liking for them though, and even wanted to get one. We tried to adopt one named Cleo, but had no place to keep her.

Now that there is a decent house and a lot of community space for the dog, G is not there. So i’ll never know what this equation would have been. But I could have certainly used some help right now! Phew! At least it could rain!


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