Remembering G: The Scatterbrain

One of the most exasperating yet endearing thing about G was his absentmindedness. Well he was a Sagittarius – they say it’s their nature. Whatever the case, over the years this forgetfulness made many memories.

The first time I got a taste of it was when we weren’t even dating. He forgot that I was waiting for him at a bus stop and I stood there for 3 hours not knowing what to do (I was new to the city, and to top it, didn’t know the local language). He finally remembered and came to pick me up. Boy! Did he get an earful!

Next major thing happened on his birthday the year we started dating. I wanted to give him something nice. I knew he was looking for a bracelet – it was in fashion then. So I persuaded another friend to go with me and buy it for him. Together we covered a long street of silver jewelers going in each shop to check out the wares, till finally we decided on one. At INR 1100, it was way beyond my means then. I got an allowance of INR 8,000 per month from home then and I had to cover boarding, lodging, conveyance, entertainment… everything in that. But I thought it was worth it as a first present, and so it was bought, packed and duly presented. Within a month he’d lost it! Apparently a friend of his had borrowed it (that was a good thing about G; he never said no to friends) and he forgot who! And whoever had taken it never came back to return it! :/

Well that was the end of the bracelet and he continued the tradition of losing stuff till we got married 10 years later. That was when I decided to put a stop to it. He traveled a lot, and on every trip he’d forget something or the other and we’d never see it again. So the first trip he took alone after our marriage I packed his bag, and I made a list and then I made a copy of that list. I gave one copy to him and kept one myself. This time he was traveling to a couple of places so I gave him clear instructions “Keep the list safe, every time you pack match the items with the list so that nothing is left behind”. He came home after a week or so and I unpacked to match the items with the copy I had. He’s lost 3-4 things. “How is it possible” I asked him, “I gave you a list to match each item!”.  And he made an adorable face and said “The list was the first thing I lost.” So much for trying to organize him! I gave up and he happily continued his saga of misplaced things.

He never bothered much about things or money. I was more affected by it. And now when I look back it seems so shallow. What is a shirt here, a suit there when you are having a good time with friends? You realize how trivial it is to lose THINGS when you have lost a PERSON. Things can be replaced, people cannot.

And now that goose has gone and lost himself. Where am I to go and look for him?


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