Remembering G: Getting me the moon(stones)

I went to buy a small gift for my mom-in-law yesterday. It’s her birthday tomorrow and last year we had gifted her some gold earrings – a first expensive gift. I am sure G would have wanted to continue the tradition and since he isn’t there to do it, I want to carry it forward. I’ve bought something nice, with a bit of pearl in it; hope she likes it.

I thought nothing of it yesterday, but today when I opened my cupboard to store it away till tomorrow, my eyes fell on a moonstone ring that G had bought me a few years ago. We had gone on a family trip to Sri Lanka and were visiting the moon stone mines to see the mining–> jewelry making process. The mine also had a jewelry store attached to it and we just wandered in with no intention of buying anything. My maternal family is in the jewelry business – gemstones in particular – so anything that’s available outside, we get cheaper at home. So, we were just looking, browsing stuff, when I saw this ring.

I have nice hands, if I say so myself – or at least HAD when I took care of them. I just tried on the ring and it looked really nice. So we asked the price thinking if it was reasonable (3-4K INR) we’ll take it. The store manager quoted INR 18K! It was exorbitant for that ring! Clearly this was tourist pricing, and not really the worth of the piece. I decided not to buy it and walked out and so did the rest of the family. We reached the van we were traveling in, but couldn’t find G. We waited around for a bit, thinking he’s probably gone off for a smoke when we saw him coming out of the store.

He’d gone and bought the ring for me! To him it didn’t feel right that I don’t have what I want. So even though I could have got the same thing at 1/4th the price in my hometown, here I had it – in the moment that I wanted it – because he was willing to get even the moon for me!

I am misty eyed as I write it, and I want to whine a bit – who’ll do this for  me now etc. But this is a happy memory, and I don’t want to ruin it. I want to end this post while remembering the look on his face as he almost ran out of the shop and the excitement when he saw me open the box!

To G – the best thing that ever happened to me!


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