10 months and 10 years

No matter how much I try, I can’t ignore the count. Every month on 11th a new number rings in my head and stays there. Today is ten months. The day is just starting but i’m dreading it. I fell apart last month. I don’t want to today. So I’m going to his parents’ place – having them around might make me feel better. At least I won’t cry in company, and when tears don’t start they don’t turn in to a torrent.

The pic on top was taken almost 10 years ago. We were in a turbulent phase in our relationship then. In fact just the next day, we broke up. Even then when we got the pic I found it extremely significant that there was a sign above us “Mind your step”. We didn’t. And we lost so many precious years!

As usual I’m at a loss for words today. Let’s see what the day brings!



12 thoughts on “10 months and 10 years

  1. Sadly we share not only the loss of our partners, but the same count day. My husband passed April 11th 2016. I’m new to blogging about my grief process but i’ve found that it helps. I hope to connect with more of us as there aren’t any support groups where I live. Sending love to you.


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