Should have taken that party bus

I was binge watching The Big Bang Theory today and the episode where they all go to Vegas in a party bus came on. And I was reminded of our trip to Vegas. Gaurav was so happy to be there – he loved travel – I can still feel his excitement. While I was the wet blanket.

I couldn’t adjust to the cold and the jet lag, so I preferred getting in the covers and sleeping off most of the time while he wanted to explore everything. But I hindered him, and now I feel terrible. We thought we’d take a party bus one of the days and do some pub hopping, we almost bought the tickets, and then I changed my mind. I wish I’d gotten on that bus.

There are so many things to regret if you sit counting them. So many ifs, and maybes. I could have tried harder perhaps to match my energy to his. I could have let our lives be a wild joyride… but I always kept pulling back to the safety of my comfort zone. He could have gone on ahead, yet he always came back with me.

And now I can only sit and shed tears over it. There are some things in life for which you don’t get a second chance… like getting on a party bus in Vegas with him.


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