This is going to be a crib fest

Disclaimer in the title itself. If you don’t want to read me whine… STOP HERE.

I got up in a decent enough frame of mind today, thought i’ll toodle over to office today. I’d dropped by yesterday and I thought that was a nice change from my cooped up status. I had a hiring interview lined up and it was also someone’s birthday. Sounded like a good plan till I got that call.

Now I know, you are going to think it’s a petty issue and I can do better than to fume over it or dedicate precious blog space for such trivialities. But I can’t not write about it. I have to, because I can’t talk about it. So again. If you are going to think less of me… STOP HERE.

Not that I care. Especially not right now when I literally have smoke coming out of my ears!

So I get this call asking me to get a cake for the birthday celebrations. I’m happy when people ask me to bake but today there was neither the time nor electricity (we have a power cut… a usual thing in rains). When I said I can’t get one, I was requested to stop over on my way and buy it. Perfectly reasonable. Or it would have been if I didn’t have Hash along with me. I take him to office (if and when I do go) he’s too small to be alone at home for longer periods. I mentioned that I won’t be able to do it because shops won’t allow Hash in. We have an office assistant and a cake shop around the corner. He could have been sent to get it. That’s what he is there for – to do odd jobs. When I suggested this, I literally got the phone slammed in my face with the other person mentioning they’ll “figure it out”. I cannot imagine anyone can be so nasty about a cake. Especially when I was the one who reminded everyone about the birthday! I’m sure if I had asked this person to bring the cake, I’d have got 20 excuses and no cake.

And this triggered the ‘pissed off’ alarm. There was no question now of going to office, much less attending any celebrations. So here I am, typing away the anger and working from home. And btw.. their ‘figure out’ option was for me to order it online, which I did.

It didn’t help that Hash decided to poop in my kitchen (euuuughhhhh) when I wasn’t looking (and it wasn’t even his poop time!). Or that the plumber who showed up to fix a water leak ran away when I asked him to wait for 10 minutes (he showed up unannounced!). Or that there has been no power since this morning – that means no hot water. It’s cold outside and I’m in no mood to take a cold shower. That I can’t have one makes me even madder… I’m literally hopping around.

So basically a day that looked promising is now down the drain, and it’s not even half done. Gah! Time to go to bed and wish it away?

P.s. Feeling much better after this whine fest. Phew! 


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