Remembering G: A true people’s person

In an earlier post I’d asked people to share stories of how they remembered him. And I have not been disappointed. I received this touching message from one of his team mates. —
Hi Supriya, my name is V and I was Gaurav’s ex-colleague at ABC. I am sure you would have heard this line from most of them in the last 11 months “Sorry for your loss”. I was really worried and saddened last year seeing posts on Gaurav’s wall about his death. I couldn’t believe my eyes if those posts were meant for Gaurav. On that day is when I realized that life is so uncertain and we should live the present and this shouldn’t have happened to Gaurav. I feel so sorry for you and I do not have words to write here because nothing can compensate your loss. He was such a good and humble person as far as I know. In 3 hours, I have read the entire blog of “A Piece Of Him” and I was really moved by the way you have shared your life there. I in fact completely forgot to even take care of my 1.5years old baby for those 3 hours as I was so much involved in reading it. Not to forget your writing skills, it is excellent. In a particular post of “Remembering G: The Big Brother”, you had requested to share any stories of Gaurav.
I am sure this is not a story, this is some good things about him which I just thought of sharing it with you. I worked for ABC during 2006 to 2009 while I was pursuing my graduation at St.Joseph’s evening college and that was my part time job that I did during the day. The team that I worked for had about 5 to 6 Account Managers – Gaurav was one of the best in terms of having Humanity. I was doing the job of a Group Coordinator for all (including Gaurav). Fixing appointments, maintaining data etc. Few incidents that I would like to mention which made think that Gaurav was the best amongst them.
  1. I was supposed to do a project during my college and as I was working in the day time, I hardly found time to do research, use internet etc. Gaurav was so kind enough to provide me his laptop (I was a contract employee and I had no access to internet then) during his lunch time or while he went out for meetings. He used to encourage me and ask me to make best use of the time. That was so kind of him and his help was important for me at that point of my life. (I was 19 years old then). He also asked me my project details and helped me with some data and supported by giving some magazines of various company info.
  2. He had a meeting at one of the government offices, where Gaurav’s VP from Mumbai had also travelled to Bangalore for this meeting. Gaurav’s forgot an important file that he had to carry and he realized it during his meeting. He called me and requested me if I can get the file from his desk to the government office. I was having some 50 rupees that day (no money in ATM as well and no friends at office) and I told him that. He said not to worry and he will be waiting outside the entrance. He was just there exactly as he said and paid the auto guy. He asked me to wait for sometime and came back in 15 minutes after his meeting and dropped me in his car back to office. Almost 9 years ago, my life was totally different. I was from a lower middle class family and I had to work while studying to support my family as my father had deserted us. I had somehow developed lot of inferiority complex within myself. I was unable to speak English properly, I was frightened to face people and speak upfront, I never used to look into people’s eyes and talk firmly, I had no trust in people. I would just shut my mouth and do a tick in the box job. When he asked me to sit inside the car, I went and sat in the back seat with my hands folded. (That was the 3rd time I sat in a car I think so). He was annoyed seeing that and asked me to come and sit in front. He taught me Car Etiquette that day. He asked to be relaxed and asked how is my studies going etc (as I said, I never talked much and just gave a close ended response to his questions)
  3. The team decided to go for a lunch at some nice restaurant and they took me as well. That was the 1st time in my life, I entered such a big restaurant for lunch. The moment I entered, I felt nervous and my heart beat was so fast because I never knew what to eat in first place, how to eat and how to use a fork. It was a lunch buffet and I straightly went in took a spoon of rice and curry. Most of them laughed at me and asked me if I am done with my lunch and I said “YES” and stayed quite. I was sitting at the table and he called out my name while he was standing near the buffet table. I went near him and he asked me If I was really done with my lunch and I said “YES”. But that was a lie because I did not eat as I did not know how to eat. I think he sensed it well. However, he still told me that soup, salads and starters needs to be had first, then go to main course and then with desserts. It was so kind of him that day to get me a plate of starters and desserts. He said if you not comfortable with spoon and fork, please use your hands as no one will chop your head off here.
  4. When I completed my Degree, I got an excellent job offer at XYZ (I think I was a good performer in terms of work, but not socializing with people) and I resigned my job. My last working day, when Gaurav left for the day, he was the only person to come to my desk and wished me a goodluck and asked me about the job offer at XYZ, etc said thanks for all the help that I did to him and asked me to keep in touch.

I never kept in touch with any of them (not sure why), but after many years, I see Gaurav’s name and pic coming up in the FB friends recommendation. I was happy that I found him and sent him a friend request and he accepted it. That is when I saw him married, all the pics and I was so happy for you guys. He posted about his “Teztadka” and I was even more glad about it. Not everyone will take this kind of a drastic step of quitting job and starting their dream venture with full guts as far as I know. I also saw a post of foods being packed for 1000’s of kids. That was a commendable job and a great initiative. Kudos to you too. Infact I showed the pics to my husband and told him that we need to dine at the restaurant once. The reason was to support for the cause and also thought it would be good to see Gaurav and you (somehow I missed doing it). After saying this in very few months, the news about his death was out. I was just seeing the pics in his fb profile and couldn’t believe that he was no more. I was telling my entire family about this showing his picture. Somehow, I still cannot arrive at the fact that he is no more. Whenever he used to post pics, I used to feel happy because you guys were looking good in pics and also the moments captured looked so nice and lovely.

I am still not sure if the above incidents is worth enough to be sent to you, but I am still sending this because I feel like doing it so. Just thinking that this will give you some peace of mind and reinstate that your husband was a wonderful person I have ever met.

 I haven’t changed anything above, except masking her name and the companies. I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading it. It made me very very happy to know that Gaurav was the same with everyone. He was truly a people’s person.
If anyone else is reading this, and you want to share something that you know about him, please drop me a message in comments.

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