A happy heart hears the music, a sad one knows the lyrics

Songs have hounded me since that day in August. What’s with the sadness, longing and romance? I can’t help but hear the words, and I can’t help but shed tears at my loss. Here is one song that’s got me crying buckets.


Haal-e-Dil ko sukoon chahiye
Poori ik aarzoo chahiye
Jaise pehle kabhi kuch bhi chaaha nahi
Waise hi kyun chahiye

(My heart needs some peace, a wish fulfilled. Why do I want this like i’ve never wanted anything before)

Dil ko teri mojoodgi ka ehsaas yun chahiye
Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye.. Tu chahiye..
Har martabaa Tu chahiye

(My heart needs to feel your presence. I need you. I need you. Morning, evening, anytime – I need you)

Jitni dafaa.. zidd ho meri
Utni dafaa.. haan, Tu chahiye

(As many times as I want, every time I want you)

Koi aur dooja kyun mujhe
Na tere siva chahiye
Har safar mein mujhe
Tu hi rehnuma chahiye
Jeene ko bas mujhe
Tu hi meherbaan chahiye

( I don’t need anyone else other than you. On every journey I need you as my guide. To live, I only need your kindness)

Seene mein agar tu dard hai
Na koi dawaa chahiye
Tu lahu ki tarah
Ragon mein rawaan chahiye
Anjaam jo chaahe mera ho
Aagaaz yun chahiye

(If you are the pain in my heart, then I don’t need any medicine. I need you running in my veins like blood. Whatever be my end, this is what as I want as the beginning)


Mere zakhmon ko teri chhuan chahiye
Meri shamma ko teri agan chahiye
Mere khwaab ke aashiyane mein tu chahiye
Main kholun jo aankhein sirhane bhi tu chahiye

(My wounds need your touch, my flame needs your fire, I need you in my dreams and I need you by my side even when I open my eyes.)

You can listen to it here.


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