All hail acupuncture

Things are going well… finally! And I have acupuncture to thank for it. I was really disheartened a few days ago when my follicle count was miserable. And so, after the crying episode in the hospital halls I decided to speak to my doctor. At that point I was willing to do anything and so when she suggested Acupuncture I immediately fixed up an appointment. Not that I was looking forward to the needles!

And so the very next day I headed to be poked and prodded some more and ended up with needles sticking out from head to toe. When it ended I didn’t feel any different. So I shrugged my shoulders and just resigned to fate. What will be, will be; and I decided not to bother about it.

Scan next day… the doc said there is significant improvement. I didn’t believe her. I thought she’s just saying to keep my moral high. And then today she actually told me the number. From a few follicles just 2 days ago, I now have a possibility of getting 14-15! And the treatment is still on! Needless to say, I am supremely happy.

It looks like I may get the trigger tomorrow and so the retrieval on 28th or if not then probably just one more day.ย The process is also sorted and I have a feeling that it will work. I’ll continue the acupuncture even after the retrieval to build up the lining etc. and increase chances of implantation.

I’m ready to do this now… and it had better work ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “All hail acupuncture

  1. Good good good!!! Needles are so good for the body AND mind…do you have acu scheduled for before & after transfer as well? If not make sure you do, to get fully in the zone and support that implantation. Rooting for you!!!

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