Babies in progress

I have realized one thing in this whole assisted reproduction cycle – people care! I have received so much help, so many good wishes and support through this whole process that I am overwhelmed. I have no idea how I’ll ever repay this kindness; but one thing is for sure – with so many people expecting this, a baby is sure to happen!

Yesterday was the last of the egg retrievals. Though I was disappointed, because even with the promise of acupuncture we were able to get only 7 mature ovums. Apparently these were way better in quality than the previous 2 retrievals. So in all I had reached closer to the target of 30, with a total of 26 from 3 retrievals and a failed cycle. I’m glad to be done with this – I don’t think I could have managed another cycle.

The next step was to get the babies on the way. Since I will not be able to do the embryo transfer this time, all those that make it to day 5 will be frozen to be transferred in September. My doctor was able to take only a small sample of the sperm and keep the rest frozen, so we decided to fertilize the best 15 ovums and let the rest be for now. We are doing ICSI, so each egg will be fertilized forming 15 embryos – how many survive to day 5 is yet to be seen. With optimistic estimates I should have at least 6 of them, giving me 3 transfer attempts. If none of those work out, I still have 11 ovums to fall back on which may give me another 2-3 embryos and with the 1 embryo frozen from my last attempt with Gaurav, I may have 2 more chances.

That’s honestly the best I can hope for. Of course, reality may screw me again, and then there is no telling. However, my doctor is very optimistic that it’ll work in the first attempt. So I’m just going to believe her. What else can one do but hope?

The best part I think is that we managed to save the sperm sample. In the half drugged state after I woke up from the GA (to the wide spread legs of another woman, if I may add), I was wondering what’ll happen to the rest of the eggs, embryos and sperms when I do get pregnant. I am not disposing them, nor are they going for research. I think I’ll just keep them frozen and add their disposal option in my will – where they become a tree with me :). I think I’d like that.

For now I’m getting ready to go home while rooting for the 15 little ones to make it 🙂


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