That’s All Folks

This is it. I’m done with all I had to say in public. I kept this blog to myself for a long time, and then on a whim shared it with everyone. I thought I was ready for that. I thought i’d still be able to write whatever I was going through. But it didn’t work. Too many people who read this react to it beyond the blogosphere, in person, on messages or calls, and I am not ready to discuss this offline. I liked the security of the screen, hiding behind the text, not having to voice out my feelings – i have never been good at that anyways.

And I fumbled trying to give the right responses, feeling the weight of the need to respond. I also start thinking about stuff I would write, what I could and couldn’t. I eliminated stuff that I thought might upset others, and it took away the purpose of this blog – to help me vent out MY feelings, and the things I am struggling with. And so I limited my writing, only publishing when it was too much to hold back.

It’s not been good for me.

So I’m going back – to writing for myself and keeping it to myself.

I won’t be posting here anymore, except maybe once let you know how the baby project went. I’ve connected with a lot of you here who are facing similar struggles – loss of a spouse or IVF – and I’m grateful for your posts. It meant a lot to get to know your story, and I will keep coming back to read your posts, ask for advise or offer a shoulder to cry on – we all need that sometime. And I appreciate all of you who’ve taken the time to read this sob story and my rants and raves. But… that’s all folks!



5 thoughts on “That’s All Folks

  1. I’ve been a little absent of late because I was finding my blog and reading some others makes me sad. I logged in this morning and yours was the first one on my reader. I’m sad that you’ve reached a place where you feel you couldn’t share openly any more – and it has only reinforced my decision not to share my blog with those I know personally. I also worried I wouldn’t be able to share openly anymore. I wish it had played out differently for you because I will miss your posts.

    You have shared with me, encouraged me, cried with me and I feel blessed to have had you on this journey with me.

    Stay strong beautiful lady. Jo xx

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    1. Thank you! In your posts I found so much of similarities it was as if I was writing it myself. Connecting with you has given me the strength to carry on. I will keep coming back to read whatever you have to share. And i would love to connect with you beyond WordPress too. If you feel like it, do drop me a line at

      Take care!(hugs)


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