I need some help

I’d decided not to blog anymore, yet am writing to send out a request for help. 

Yesterday I sent out a request to some amazing people I’ve met and had the pleasure of knowing.

I asked them to help me plant a tree for Gaurav.

This is what I told them:

“Gaurav was a traveler. He loved to travel and wanted to see the world. But with work commitments we never did manage to realize that dream. So I am thinking what if I plant a tree – even if it is just one – in his name in every country? Symbolically he’d be there then, a mark of his presence in placed he’d have loved to visit. 

Now here is where I need help. I cannot possibly visit 195 countries. Especially since I am trying to have his baby and hopefully will be pregnant by February 2017. Will you help me plant a tree for Gaurav and send me a photo? I am happy to take on all the expense. It’s just that I can’t be there, and i’m calling on you for help.     

Any takers?”

And the response was fabulous! I now already have people helping me plant a tree in:

– Kenya

– Atlanta

– North Carolina 

– Germany 

– Netherlands 

– London

– Hong Kong 

– Singapore

– Minneapolis 

– South Africa 

– Canada

– California 

– New Jersey 

– Seattle 

And then I thought I’ve met and connected with so many awesome human beings on this platform also. Maybe they can help too in planting a tree. If you are reading this, will u help? 

P.S. if you know anyone who can add to this list; please spread the word. Thank you 😊


4 thoughts on “I need some help

  1. Hello. My name is Jackie. I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my fiancΓ© in September and I am new on this journey. I will help you plant a tree in Uganda. My Timothy had a dream to travel the world too, so I would appreciate it if you could plant him one too. Love an peace always . Jackie

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    1. Thank you so much! I will plant one for Timothy in India. I am very sorry for your loss 😒😒. There are no words that can help, but if you anytime need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here!


      1. Thank you for the kind words and for agreeing to plant the tree. He actually passed away in India. He was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant but didn’t make it. I am considering IVF for our baby, so I’d love to keep in touch for advice.

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      2. 😒 life is crazy 😒😒.

        I’d be happy to help anyway I can on the IVF. Most of the details of procedure I’ve undergone are on my blog. And so are the details of emotional turmoil that IVF brings in its wake. For any questions, feel free to write to me on Jain.supriya82@gmail.com . Sending you lots of love 😘

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