Two left feet

The trouble with meeting new people – i’ve found – is that there is that inevitable question about marital status. Just this week i’ve had to give the dreaded answer to no less than 4 people! Always getting that look and the awkward pause :/. Guess there will be no getting away from that.

Why am I meeting so many new people? They are a part of the dance classes i’ve joined recently. And just today as we sat talking I happened to mention my in-laws. And then a classmate piped up – hey why don’t u ask your husband to join the class too… well what does one say to that! Sorry but where ever he is at the moment we can’t dance together? And so I again went through the same routine of thinking how to avoid answering altogether, giving a weird smile (why do i always smile? bracing for the awkwardness that’s about to unleash I guess), and then bulldozing ahead with “he passed away 2 years ago”. Usually that’s it, people get super uncomfortable and change the topic. But today I pressed on with the story of what happened when Gaurav and I actually joined a dance class, and that too salsa, more than a decade ago.

I don’t know if i have told the story here before, but here I go again. Gaurav wasn’t a coordinated dancer. And I say that with a grain of salt here, because he won an inter-college dance fest while I have no such honor to my name. But seriously, he could not do structured steps! Still, we were a couple, I wanted to dance together, and hence we traipsed off to a salsa class and paid up. Super excited at the first class we were learning the basics and the instructor decided to teach us a right turn. I was going right, Gaurav was going left, there was a tangle, a sharp pull and his elbow connected with my jaw… which promptly turned blue and stayed blue for a week. That was that.. the end of our dancing together ambitions. We never did salsa again and lived happily.. well not ever after.. but as long as it lasted.

So ya, even if I still had my husband to dance around with, we probably wouldn’t be taking classes together!



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