And he is back!

The baby is finally here! And what timing!!

I first held him in my hands on 11th August. The same day I last saw his dad 3 years ago. I think he timed it. He was due on 8th Sep, but came almost a month early. Maybe he knew I needed to smile again on this date. Maybe Gaurav is finally back to me.

It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of sweat, blood, and tears have been shed to get him here. But all that doesn’t matter now. I’m at peace when I hold him, snuggle with him, and watch him sleep.

It’s a start of a new journey when I have to learn to be a mom – and a single one at that. I’m expecting a lot of trial and error; experimentation and learning; and a lot of dependence on ancient wisdom.

It was a strange feeling, holding him in my arms – a tiny, fragile thing; so trusting. And now i’m responsible for how he turns out. It’s terrifying – yet somehow I know I can do it. The fact that I am a mom overnight is taking some time to sink in. The surrogacy procedure did not give me the 9 months to adjust to the new arrival. But in hindsight – it was a good decision. It made sure he came back to me.

I’m not getting in to the logistics – how we managed at the hospital, how we got back home, how i’m completely broke after all the expenses. What matters is that my baby is home 🙂

Let project #BeingMommy begin.

To new adventures 🙂


21 thoughts on “And he is back!

  1. Hearty congratulations Supriya! And cheers to a wonderful, fulfilling and happy journey with your little bundle of joy, a piece of him! God bless!

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  2. Hearty congratulations Supriya! And cheers to a wonderful, fulfilling and happy journey with your little bundle of joy, a piece of him! God bless!

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  3. This might sound very odd. I used to follow your blog regurlarly about 2 years ago. Gave me a lot of comfort as my father had passed away around the same time. But I stopped using wordpress altogether. Today I came across an article on a news app and it resembled your story. I couldn’t help but open the app and find your blog. So so happy to read about this and many congratulations. Your words have given me a lot of strength in my trying times. So thank you so much ❤ All the very best for the new journey.

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  4. Came across your blog after reading the news in paper…I belong to Jaipur too so was curious…went through your journey and couldn’t help but write that you are one strong woman and I wish you all the happiness in life…

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  5. Hi Supriya… I came across your blog while I was searching something else on internet. After reading your blogs, I really just wanted to give you a hug and say that you are a brave girl. Your blogs can give strength to many other women to live against all odds…!!!
    And this blog especially brought a smile to my face, though eyes were filled with tears 🙂 True love never leaves you alone… it certainly comes to your life sooner or later…
    Keep posting stories about you and your little bundle of joy !!!
    Lots of love !!!

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