Sibling rivalry level 100x

My first baby – Hash, has always been good with kids. He played with my niece, even allowing her to make him a cushion and sit on him. They ate from the same spoon, ran around in circles, and generally had a gala time at the cost of everyone else’s headaches. He’s also super pally with kids in the neighborhood. So I assumed, Adi and Hash will get along fabulously. Little did I know….

He refuses to even LOOK at Adi!

Maybe because he never saw me going through a pregnancy and didn’t feel the change coming, he doesn’t know what to make of it. His momma went out one day and came back with a squirmy, mewling thing that smelled funny and all of a sudden everyone was paying it more attention. My poor puppy didn’t know what to make of it…

He’s been a pampered pooch, and I am guilty of spoiling him. But hey, when someone loves you no matter what, and looks at you with those deep, trusting eyes, you give them everything you can. So Hashie ate well, never went to a kennel, went for regular doctor visits, had new toys, slept with momma when he felt like, and ran around in circles at playtime. All time was playtime with everyone. And whoever came home would pet him, play with him, and sneak him treats from their plates.

And now there’s a new toy taking away everyone’s attention. Sure momma still loves me, but everyone else just seems to have time for the squirmy – people just come in and go straight for him. No one plays with me like before. And that thing on his bum smells funny! 

I’d try to introduce Hash and Adi, bring the baby close, get Hash to sniff him… but this stubborn pup would actually TURN HIS HEAD AWAY!!! I mean who does that! What about all those cute baby and dog videos on the Internet??? Is all that a sham! What sort of scam is it!

Anyway, I am dealing with major sibling rivalry here. Anytime I pick up Adi, Hash comes running and tries to sit on me as well, or if I talk to Adi, Hash brings his toy and wants to play… I’m paying him extra attention so he doesn’t feel left out, but I guess the transition from being the only object of attention to one of the contenders is a tough one to make.

And how does one explain this to a pupper?

So while this drama plays out… much to the amusement of everyone else; I am hoping he’ll grow out of it. Once Adi starts crawling, maybe Hash will see him as a potential playmate like my niece and we shall have peace again.

Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Sibling rivalry level 100x

  1. Such an amusing situation and a beautiful read! Not the same situation but I have a super cute rabbit (Ginger) and forster a super cat (Pepper). So Ginger never saw Pepper as a kitten. It was just a big cat for her. Once the initial introduction was done, they decided they can be in vicinity but not friends. They try not crossing each other’s paths but when they do, Ginger is mostly trying to shoo away Pepper or Pepper finds an opportunity to hit Ginger with her paws. Duh! Both are my kids. I can’t distinguish. 🙂

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