A Piece of Him: The Book

This is the story of my life, an honest account of living through grief and hopefully conquering it.

My husband, who was also my best friend for 15 years, passed away in a car accident. It was unexpected and shattering. There he was standing at the door one afternoon, waving me good-bye and the same evening he was dead. It was incomprehensible – still is.

This is a story of my fight to bring him back; to have his child – a miracle of faith and science.

This is a story of memories, grief, despair, bravery, craziness, and love. It’s also a story of fighting odds, prejudices, perceptions, and loneliness. Of being able to move on, yet not forgetting the long years of togetherness. Of how you realize the important things in life, and the lessons you learn. It’s my heart, out on paper.

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