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You’ve made it this far, all you need to do is block a slot and we are good to go. I’m here to help you deal with situations in life that might make you feel helpless. Not sure what direction your life is moving in, work with me to set up short term and long term actionable goals. Just need someone to vent to? I am all ears.

How this works: 

  1. Fill the booking request form below for a session of one hour
  2. I will reply to the email ID you provide here with a confirmation or with alternative slots and a payment link
  3. Once the slot is booked and paid for*, we activate it and get on a phone/Whatsapp/Facebook call and work on your requirements.
  4. Based on this call we will decide if additional sessions are needed.
  5. Post the session I will send you some material and action items that could help you in your specific situation.

Don’t wait, let’s start a new chapter today! Fill in the details below, and let’s talk!

* Fee per session: INR 2,000 for a session of one hour