Embrace your crazy

Grief can drive you crazy… or at least it feels like it. Grief can be overwhelming and all consuming. It canΒ  feel like nothing will ever be right again. When we deal with acute loss, something incomprehensible to us – the first reaction is to deny it. In over 3 years since I lost my […]

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Tears don’t make you weak

I’ve spent most of last 3 years crying my eyes out. I’ve cried because of grief, because of anger, and because of helplessness. I’ve cried for big things and little things. I’ve cried because test after test for pregnancy came negative, I’ve cried because I was unable to reach a suitcase lying on the topmost […]

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The world isn’t a safe place for women. Assault has been a part of our lives – something we have just accepted subconsciously. We do things on a daily basis that could save us another day – we avoid walking alone after dark, we don’t dare doze off in cabs, we carry pepper sprays, we […]

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Demystifying surrogacy

“ooh! there is a baby at home… is your sister in town” “No, that’s my baby” “Don’t be funny… u weren’t pregnant” “No, I wasn’t. He was born through surrogacy.” “Huh! How’s that possible?” . . <<Long silence>> . “Did you adopt him?” <<Me: Facepalm>> As if IVF wasn’t complicated enough to explain, i’m now […]

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3 weeks in to motherhood

#BeingMommy came as a bit of a surprise to me. I mean, I wasn’t pregnant – I didn’t really have the mental preparation to nurture a tiny human. And just like that one day, I was holding my little one in my arms. And he came to me trusting me to do right by him!

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And he is back!

The baby is finally here! And what timing!! I first held him in my hands on 11th August. The same day I last saw his dad 3 years ago. I think he timed it. He was due on 8th Sep, but came almost a month early. Maybe he knew I needed to smile again on […]

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