3 ways to retain your sanity as a single parent in the middle of a pandemic

These are tough times. The COVID 19 panic has sent the world in shut down mode. Many countries, including India, are on mandatory lockdowns. People are quarantined at home with support structures crumbling. Schools are shut, there is no house help, sporadic online deliveries and no relaxed evenings with friends or family. It’s a nightmare […]

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Every Indian kid, most Asian ones in fact will agree that our parents have no sense of personal space or boundary. It’s as if our lives are connected to theirs with no idea of ‘self’ for anyone. They poke in to our cupboards, check our phones, rearrange our drawers, throw out our stuff… without so […]

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Own Your Happiness

We all look for our happiness in external factors. I’ll be happy when I get a better job, I’ll be happy when I own a house, I’ll be happy when I have a bigger car, I’ll be happy when my kids are settled, I’ll be happy when I have a big social circle, I’ll be […]

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All that matters is TIME

Last few months have been about realizing a very important thing. I AM THE OWNER OF MY TIME ⏰ And that makes me happy. After years slogging away in corporate roles and chasing high growth businesses I decided to call it quits last year. I was broke, I had just had a baby, I was a […]

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The true cost of IVF

I recently spoke to Mumbai Mirror about my IVF journey and its impact on my life (you can read the article here>>) and it got me revisiting the past 3 years. A roller coster journey that took away a lot while finally giving me my heart’s desire. As the article rightly points out, many of […]

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Body Positive?

I’ve always had a low self esteem, especially when it comes to my body. I grew up in a culture that placed undue emphasis on looks and complexion. As a teenager I was scrawny and dark and didn’t have enough “meat” on my bones. Even at 22 years old and at 5’2″ I weighed 45Kgs. […]

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License to travel

Finally after 2 months of running from pillar to post Adi’s passport arrived. You’d think it’ll be easy to get one for a newborn.. after all, he isn’t a criminal or anything. But nope! Bureaucracy has its own ways… The story began in October 2018 when I naively looked up the required application procedure and […]

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